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Conversation with Lorena Marrón | Contributor to Mold: Ebb

We are excited to launch our new Secretary Press blog with a conversation with Lorena Marrón, one of the contributors to our newest book MOLD: EBB.

Can you talk a little bit about how your work deals with both words and images?

It probably has to do with the fact that I started writing as an art critic when I was very young. I guess I got used to have a visual work as a form of departure.

How did you come to create the work you contributed to Mold?

I went back home –to Acapulco, Mexico– for a couple of months during the summer of 2013. I always felt that “going back home” was a way of experiencing a sort of personal ebb. I wanted to do a piece that could reflect on that.

How do you feel that your practice has evolved since returning to graduate school and can you tell us about your summer plans?

Graduate school was like having a two-year prolific conversation with thinkers and artists that you are likely never to meet (mostly because most of them are already dead). I’m not sure if this ghostly dialogue has made my practice evolved but has definitely affected my thought process. Now I feel more incline to the art production of the present that, in words of Rancière, introduces new subjects in the field of perception, or, at least, wants to reorient the perception of the space.

During this summer I will be living inside libraries, between Stanford and New York, writing my MA thesis. It’s an art historical thesis about art as a form of dissent during the midst of Mexico’s drug war.

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