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Publisher: Secretary Press

PubDate: 12/10/2013

ISBN: 9780988321427


Price: $35.00

Pages: 104


With contributors Matthew Burgess, Nancy Davenport, Chris Kraus, Adam Marnie, Nica Ross, and Laurie Weeks. MOLD is one of three in a series where three writers and three artists are asked to respond to one word. For Volume 1 the contributors were invited to respond to the word 'pedestal.' FROM THE EDITORS: We did not choose pedestal for its heroic connotation—nor for what sits atop. We chose it for its base. A cinder block on its short end, a thinly stacked lego tower or a tall white box; we saw a platform. It's a weighty word, heavy in the mouth and implication. If it were an object it would sit on the ground. So we gave this "platform" to six very different artists and writers with no restrictions, to see if they might turn pedestal anew—and possibly even lighten its heavy load. 

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