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How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood


PubDate: 9/1/2012

ISBN: 9780988321410


Price: $24.00

Pages: 52


Edited by Michi Jigarjian and Qiana Mestrich, How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood is a diverse collection of honest responses from contemporary artists who have walked—and are still walking—the tenuous tight rope of motherhood and making art (not necessarily in that order).


Throughout history many artists have uniquely embraced the concurrent roles of motherhood and maker. This is a collection of twelve artists responding to these three questions:


1.     How do you logistically balance art making and motherhood

2.     Does your artmaking require a “room of one’s own”?

3.     Did having children enhance your creativity?

Some responded directly to the questions while others used the questions as an inspiration for an essay. This collection provides a voice, which is at times interpolated through collective experience but all the while remains unique through the power of individual choice.

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